Cloud Adapt Consulting

Cloud Adapt provides strategic consulting advice to companies of more than 250 employees, across both the commercial and government sector.

Since been voted a finalist in the Red Herring awards way back in 2011 for innovation, Cloud Adapt has continued to challenge the status quo - Finalists

We partner to identify cost savings and productivity improvement, we share the proceeds of the savings through backing ourself with an outcome focused fee structure.

Our approach challenges traditional thinking with what will become traditional solutions, when businesses understand the value of technology – against their bottom line - Contact us

Read what our clients are saying

- “Cloud Adapt’s consulting engagement is on a par, if not better than the big 4″. - CFO Australian organisation

- “Cloud Adapt’s engagement demonstrated more than $5 Million in savings over 3 years. - CIO Australian defence related organisation

IPscape chose Cloud Adapt to carry out the deployment and migration for its employees. “We were impressed by their thoroughness in planning and their focus on change management,” recalls Simon Bourke, CEO