Measuring I.T costs in cents per day

Measuring I.T costs in cents per day

Imagine a world where we can start to measure the cost of using I.T services such as email, file storage and office productivity not in thousands of dollars per day but in cents per day per user.

Imagine a world where it is borderline impossible to lose data, where almost every keystroke is saved, replicated and backed up in multiple data centres.

Imagine a world where these I.T services are accessible from anywhere at anytime from almost any device.

Imagine a world where you are able to collaborate with your workforce in real time across the Internet.

Now for most organisations you can stop imagining, the prospect of working this way is as real as Australia winning the World Cup Rugby this year. i.e It will not happen.

For the organisations who are dynamic, forward thinking and can see the potential of disruptive new technologies such as Google Apps for Business and Amazon Web Services for hosting then let’s talk.

The complexity in I.T is disappearing faster than Charlie Sheen’s sanity. No more do you have to have a plethora of systems, people, operations and complexity in place to manage services like email, file and office productivity.

Today, there are real alternatives to this complexity that your I.T services provider does not want you to know about. When the cost equation has changed so significantly to a model whereby you can literally measure costs in cents per user per day, the disruption is such that it really does turn the I.T industry on its head.

Of course there are challenges in moving to new service models, however the benefits are permanent, from the implementation date of these new services forward – you will start to reap the benefits. No longer do you have to have break-fix people – when there is literally nothing to fix, how do you break something when it is delivered within your browser?

So if you can measure I.T costs in ratios of cents per day per user, the biggest question becomes – how will your I.T services provider justify their hefty HW, SW and Services costings going forward?

Johnnie McDonald

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