Is your I.T Department enabling or disabling you?

Cloud computing has the potential to move services such as email, office productivity and file storage to organisations whom can deliver these services at scale at a cost that is impossible to match internally. As the organisations that are delivering these services, Google for example, have thousands of professionals managing these services, it means that in-house IT can get back to focusing on delivering value added services to the business.

In his book “The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google” (W.W. Norton, 2008) Nicholas Carr all but declared the pending death of IT. “In the long run, the IT department is unlikely to survive, at least in its familiar form,” he writes “IT will have little left to do once the bulk of the business computing shifts out of the private data centre and into ‘the Cloud””.

Johnnie McDonald, CEO for Cloud Adapt states “I am continually aghast by comments from some IT managers and CIO’s that they are scared they will lose their control and people if these services are delivered externally. In the face of savings like the potential that Cloud can deliver, I would have expected that they would be more pragmatic around the returns to the organisations they work for and mindful of their company’s bottom line, surely it would be more important to have the company continue to be competitive and actually be in business?”.

Mr McDonald goes on to state, “It begs the questions as to whether the IT department is enabling or disabling the business. There is plenty of work for IT to do in transitioning to the Cloud, further it presents new opportunities to IT staff to skill themselves in new areas and align themselves closer with the business.”

“The resistance is not the case across the board, I would expect 90% of IT Managers and CIO’s embrace the benefits and are positively leading the charge, it is fortunately only a minority resisting, however it makes me wonder how many organisations are being held to ransom by IT. My recommendation to anyone being resistant to the Cloud is to embrace the consideration and lead a business case to the business rather than have the business lead the case for Cloud without your involvement.”

Cloud Adapt is so confident Cloud Computing will provide real business benefits, all consulting engagements are backed by a 30% cost savings guarantee; stating that if they cannot remove more than 30% cost against the otherwise spend in the areas they study, then there is no charge for their report.For more information or for further details of how to organise consulting, please contact your Cloud Adapt representative or email

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Cloud Adapt helps organisations realise the benefits of Cloud based business applications by; providing software and services that are focused on removing cost, improving productivity and ensuring that change management is tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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Measuring I.T costs in cents per day

Measuring I.T costs in cents per day

Imagine a world where we can start to measure the cost of using I.T services such as email, file storage and office productivity not in thousands of dollars per day but in cents per day per user.

Imagine a world where it is borderline impossible to lose data, where almost every keystroke is saved, replicated and backed up in multiple data centres.

Imagine a world where these I.T services are accessible from anywhere at anytime from almost any device.

Imagine a world where you are able to collaborate with your workforce in real time across the Internet.

Now for most organisations you can stop imagining, the prospect of working this way is as real as Australia winning the World Cup Rugby this year. i.e It will not happen.

For the organisations who are dynamic, forward thinking and can see the potential of disruptive new technologies such as Google Apps for Business and Amazon Web Services for hosting then let’s talk.

The complexity in I.T is disappearing faster than Charlie Sheen’s sanity. No more do you have to have a plethora of systems, people, operations and complexity in place to manage services like email, file and office productivity.

Today, there are real alternatives to this complexity that your I.T services provider does not want you to know about. When the cost equation has changed so significantly to a model whereby you can literally measure costs in cents per user per day, the disruption is such that it really does turn the I.T industry on its head.

Of course there are challenges in moving to new service models, however the benefits are permanent, from the implementation date of these new services forward – you will start to reap the benefits. No longer do you have to have break-fix people – when there is literally nothing to fix, how do you break something when it is delivered within your browser?

So if you can measure I.T costs in ratios of cents per day per user, the biggest question becomes – how will your I.T services provider justify their hefty HW, SW and Services costings going forward?

Johnnie McDonald

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